Catholics in America are witnessing assaults on their Faith and heritage.

With the Truth under attack on many fronts, we must let the Light of Christ shine ever brighter in the darkness of our times.

Together, we can form future leaders for our nation and Church by giving young people an authentically Catholic college education, rooted in the Truth of the Catholic Faith.

At Christendom College, we are giving young Catholics that time-tested Catholic education. The formation students receive here leads to faithful vocations, fruitful families, and lives lived in dedication to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

For 43 years, Christendom has helped shine the Light of Christ in our culture, while refusing all federal funding. In 2020 alone, we have rejected about $4.3 million in federal bailouts and other funding to remain free to teach the Truth.

Our commitment to Zero Federal Funding is only possible through benefactor support.

Catholic families in the United States deserve at least one place where they can be sure to learn the Faith, unhindered by the ideologies and coercion that come with federal funding.

Today, please help dispel the darkness and educate Catholic students in the Truth at Christendom College.

Your generous gift will make such a difference in their young lives and will help protect our Catholic Faith and heritage.

To give by mail, checks can be made out to Christendom College and sent to:
134 Christendom Dr., Front Royal, VA 22630.