At Christendom College, students are:

  1. Given a rigorous, classical education rooted in Truth, not the secular postmodernism that has tragically taken over almost all other American colleges and universities; and
  2. Free to live the Faith thanks to our strong Catholic culture and our total commitment to delivering an authentically Catholic experience.

That freedom is protected because we reject all federal funding. Due to our principled stance, educating students each year costs an extra:

  • $35 to educate a student for one day.
  • $52 to educate a student for 1.5 days.
  • $104 to educate a student for 3 days.

Young Catholics can only continue receiving this faithful Catholic education with support from fellow Catholics like you. Please make a gift to support them today.

To give by mail, checks can be made out to Christendom College and sent to:
134 Christendom Dr., Front Royal, VA 22630.